Eagles' scouting not impacted by cost-cutting

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NFL’s cost-cutting has impacted the scouting budgets of many of the league’s teams.

Some teams brought fewer people to the Scouting Combine, won’t cover as many pre-draft Pro Day workouts and are making scouts stay at cheaper hotels (goodbye J.W. Marriott, hello Tom Bodette).

But Eagles general manager Tom Heckert said the Eagles’ scouting budget has not been affected.

"It’s been a big issue with other teams," Heckert said. "But we’re doing the same things we do every year. We’re doing it the way we’ve always done it."

And from the little-known-fact dept.: Andrew Brandt, who was hired by the Eagles last week as a consultant to help with contract negotiations and salary cap management, was running back Ricky Williams’ first agent. Williams ended up dumping Brandt and signing with rapper Master P before the 1999 draft..


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