Coordinators get their say

Busy day down at the NovaCare Complex with each of the coordinators taking their turn at the podium. Here are comments from each (more in tomorrow's Daily News): 


On how tough it is to get in an offensive rhythm with a new starting quarterback and varying pieces on the offensive line: “Well, you know what I think about rhythm; it’s real. It’s hard to explain, but it is real. You go through things like that through the season and through games, so you can’t make any excuses. You have to stay in rhythm, it’s just that simple. The next guy comes in and plays and you keep with the rhythm.”


On whether he had to go back and evaluate QB Michael Vick’s role at the end of last season: “You certainly think about it because I do believe in it, however, it’s all the mentality, really. If you have the mentality – and our offense has it, all of our players have it – where we don’t care how we win the next game. We’ll do whatever it takes to win the next game. We don’t care how we win the game; run, pass. We don’t care who gets the credit, we don’t care who scores. With that attitude, then you’re in pretty good shape.”

On how much is relied on the center when blocks are missed during a blitz: “Well, again, I’m not going to get into exactly how we do it, but we do an awful lot of things up front and it happens fast and it happens quick. We love people to blitz us. We want to be the best in the league against the blitz. We want to have a certain mentality with people blitzing us.”

On how long it took for him to get comfortable with the offensive line last year: “Well, I can’t put a time factor on that. However, I will say everything we do is important and every play in practice that we do on the field is important; certainly the classroom work. You just can’t get away, there is no substitute for that. Hard work and preparation, there is no substitute for it. We have to get it in and that offensive line is – I’ve never seen an offense that was any good at all who wasn’t really good up front and by that I mean playing together as a unit and being very consistent. That offensive line is important to every football team, certainly ours.”


On how the rookie draft picks have handled learning the defensive scheme: “They’ve done a great job. They really have. Our scheme is larger than most in terms of what we do defensively and what we ask of our players to execute on the field and they’ve done a nice job. That said, we’ve tried to cut back some things in the playbook this offseason knowing we would have a number of new faces, as you already mentioned, and so we could get the contribution we have up to this point.”


On what he thinks about starting LBs Stewart Bradley, Ernie Sims and Akeem Jordan: “Good. I like the toughness in the group there with the three that you mentioned. And they look like they’re building that chemistry from being out on the field together, which is important. There seems to be balance both in the run and the pass game.”

On whether he wanted CB Asante Samuel to be a more physical cornerback this year: “We want our whole defense to be more physical than we were last year. And in my mind, you can never be physical enough. At each and every position we are going to look to be aggressive and be very physical and tackling is a big part of that, as you mentioned, Asante’s hit the other night. I was very happy with the way he came up and stuck it to the receiver, there. I’ve never worried about his toughness, as you mentioned. I’ve never worried about that at all. But, I did see an improvement to this point in camp.”

On his evaluation of tackling up to this point: “I think we’ve tackled well this preseason. Have we been perfect? Absolutely not. But, when you are an aggressive defense, there are going to be some tackles that you miss because you’re flying around and guys are working to get to the football. So, we have work to do, certainly in that category as well. And one thing about tackling is that it is a core fundamental on defense and we’re going to continue to work on it because when you stop working on the fundamentals, then you really breakdown.”


On head coach Andy Reid deciding to use WR DeSean Jackson as punt returner and CB Ellis Hobbs as kick returner: “Well, those two guys are very good, so I was hoping that’s what would happen. I think they’re our best two guys, at least as this point. You’ve heard me say a bunch of times, you like to get the ball in the best players’ hands. That usually gives you the greatest chance to win. There’s other considerations and that’s a tough decision for him, real tough decision for him, because those guys are valuable, and 60 other plays. So, it’s a tough decision, but it’s a commitment to have the best players on the field and there may still be some adjustments, some guys can rise up and maybe play as good or maybe play better, I don’t know if we have anybody that can play better, but if we would or could we would be better at that position.”

On whether he is feeling any pressure to figure out the problems with kick coverage: "If I say I don’t, it’s like I don’t care. That’s not necessarily the case. I don’t necessarily any feel pressure, though, I think we have to do better, I always think we have to do better, that’s the deal. Our whole deal is to push the envelope. No matter where we’re at we need to push the envelope. If we’ve got a quart’s worth of talent, then we need to fill up the whole quart. If we’ve got a gallon’s worth of talent, we’ve got to fill the whole gallon. If we’ve got a 55-gallon drum full of talent, we need to fill that too. So where we’re at, are we getting better? That’s the issue. It’s not where we leave each week; it’s when we go out there, we’ve come back better than we were and hopefully that’s the case. I’ve seen some slight improvement, it’s incremental, because it was not good initially, it may not look like it, but I’ve seen some improvement.”