Combine Cranks Up

Your Eagletarian sends greetings from lovely Indianapolis. He hopes to update at least a few times today as the NFL Scouting Combine swings into action.

All we have to share so far is Eagles gossip. There is widespread talk that the Birds and Fletcher Smith, agent for Donovan McNabb, have been discussing a contract, though Eagletarian understands that McNabb has not had -- and is still seeking - a clear-the-air meeting with management. In fact, McNabb has even offered to come to Indianapolis to make that happen, a source close to the situation said. Smith definitely will be here Friday for the annual agents' meeting, so you would think at the very least he would exchange further pleasantries with Joe Banner.

The Eagles must be talking to Smith, because he suddenly is impossible to reach via phone, text or e-mail. Generally, when an agent wants to talk with a team about a high-profile client, and he isn't getting the response he wants, the agent isn't shy about letting that be known. A week or so ago, Smith was much easier to track down. Sudden silence generally means something is going on.

Along the same lines, you might have read the unsurprising news that the Eagles do not plan to use the franchise tag on anyone before the deadline passes at 4 this afternoon. They also do not plan to move the team to Guatemala orGuatemalan flag change the uniform colors to pink and orange. There was never any serious thought that the Eagles were going to tag anyone this year, but if they had been so inclined, the only real candidate would have been 34-year-old left offensive tackle Tra Thomas. I don't think the Eagles want to let Thomas walk into free agency. They definitely are talking contract with Thomas' agent, Peter Schaffer. As someone with knowledge of that situation observed this week, "you only use the franchise tag if it looks like you can't come to an agreement." I think an agreement with Thomas is likely.

Stay tuned for riveting Combine updates.