Combine Continues: Fairley's Eagles Comparisons

INDIANAPOLIS --- The NFL Scouting Combine continues with defensive backs coming to theAuburn DL Nick Fairley interview room today, along with defensive linemen who didn't get to the room yesterday. You're watching quarterbacks run the 40 on the NFL Network, but we've already talked to them and won't get another chance, one of the quirks of the combine process.

The biggest interview room buzz so far was when Auburn DL Nick Fairley, a potential No. 1 overall pick, took the podium. Fairley, 6-4, 291, probably would be a DT in a 4-3 and an LB in a 3-4.

Fairley was asked what player he models himself after. He chose the late Reggie White, because, Fairley said, White "played the game the way it should be played."

Saturday, Fairley evoked a comparison with another Eagles great, though. Cleveland general manager (and former Birds GM) Tom Heckert was asked if he considered Fairley, who has a nasty streak, a "dirty" player. Heckert likened Fairley's style to that of former Eagles offensive tackle Jon Runyan. Heckert said Fairley, like Runyan, is a "tough" player. No word on any possible Fairley congressional aspirations.


Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarrett also spoke to reporters. Jarrett is considered a pretty decent prospect in a lean safety crop. He said he hasn't spoken yet with the Eagles, which doesn't necessarily mean much.

"The MAC Conference might seem like a small conference, but we produce some great players," Jarrett said.

Jarrett was asked what Miami can expect from its new coach, former Owls coach Al Golden.

"Miami can expect to compete for the national championship every year," Jarrett said.


When Eagles general manager Howie Roseman spoke with reporters Thursday, he mentioned meeting with new offensive line coach Howard Mudd to get a feel for what qualities Mudd might value in prospects.

Mudd confirmed that meeting today, and talked about what he looks for.

"You need to be able to stay in front of somebody," Mudd told your Eagletarian. "We have to keep 7 (Michael Vick) clean. That's what we're going to be about. That's what we used to be about here" when Mudd coached the Colts' o-line.

Mudd said he didn't know how his preferences might be different from what was emphasized previously, under o-line coach-turned-defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Speaking of which, walking through the Indiana Convention Center labyrinth this morning, your Eagletarian passed a group of assistant coaches from a team we will decline to name, since they were not aware of our presence. (It was not the Eagles). One coach was saying, "well, hey, since Juan Castillo, I'm gonna ask if I can just run the defense." They all laughed. Another said "I STILL can't figure that one out."