Collie's condition improving, Colts say


Colts coach Jim Caldwell met with the media today and said Austin Collie's concussion symptoms are subsiding.

“After he went in the locker room, he was able to sit up, alert, carry on a conversation,” Caldwell said, according to the Indianapolis Star. “Obviously the doctors felt good enough about his situation to allow him to travel back with us on the airplane. I think that’s a pretty good indication that things were trending in the right direction.

“He came back, obviously he was home sleeping. Our medical staff had an opportunity to speak with him this morning. He’s doing fine and his symptoms are subsiding. It was a concussion. He’s trending in the right direction, which is great.”


Indianapolis wide receiver Austin Collie was walking through the locker room after Sunday's game during which he suffered a concussion.

"Yeah, Yeah, I'm fine," he told Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz, before security intervened to keep the media way from Collie.

After the game, Colts coach Jim Caldwell declined to get into specifics about the injury, although he did say that Collie lost consciousness on the field.

“I won’t go into all the details about it, but he took a pretty good hit," Caldwell said. "He was out, unconscious for a period of time.”

Colts receiver Reggie Wayne told Kravitz that he was upset by the way the Eagles sideline reacted to the injury:

"I was looking at their sideline, hearing them complaining about the call and cheering about the hit," Wayne said. "But it is what it is. That's not something I want to start. I had plenty to say to them, but I'm going to let it be for now. It's not going to change anything. Just hope that Austin's going to be OK."

Two plays later, the Colts scored to pull within 16-14.

"You watch him down like that for such a long period of time, then the whistle blows and it's time to go back to work," Wayne said. "In the back of your mind, you're hoping he's OK. There were times we'd call a play -- 'that play's for Collie' -- and you realize, Collie's not in on that play. And your mind goes right back to him."