Cole: 'We are a huge target'

Trent Cole believes the Eagles will be the hunted this season. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

With all the attention on the Eagles' signing and Vince Young's "Dream Team" comment, the Eagles know teams will be gunning for them, something Trent Cole says they embrace.

"We are going to be a huge target," Cole told ESPN Radio, according to "I think we got a great team. We are going to cause a scene because I am very confident about what we have here this year. Like you said I’m excited and the rest of the team is excited with what is going to happen this year.”

Cole reacted negatively on Twitter in the offseason when he felt he was too ranked low on the NFL Network's countdown of the top 100 players. Cole was asked if he felt the addition of the stars on defense might mean he would be overlooked.

"I mean I can speak for myself," he said. "I have been here…this is going on my seventh year. I love to play football and this is my job and livelihood. I keep it like that. I keep business from enjoying the game of football. That is to kind of keep me grounded. I never had a problem with anything or being overlooked or anything. I let my actions speak.”

The Eagles have annually seemed to be seeking a complement to Cole on the other side of the defensive line. They used a first-round pick last year on Brandon Graham, who will miss the start of the season following knee surgery. The Eagles have now signed Jason Babin and added Cullen Jenkins at defensive tackle to bolster the line.

Cole said it will be easier for the new players to get acclimated because the defense is so much easier to play than last year's style.

“The scheme this year is different," Cole said. "It’s easier compared to the scheme last year. This is more of an attack style defense. We are going to go get it. I think it is made to where we don’t have to pretty much think and be athletes and players and play ball. It’s kind of been chopped down from last year from the past.”