C'mon Eagles, I don't want to have to take hostages ...

   Peter King of Sports Illustrated is an eminent expert, much more eminent than your lowly Eagletarian. Still, he throws a lot of stuff out there; some of it is accurate, some of it he seems to be pulling straight out of his Starbucks-loving derriere.

    I really hope this item he posted last night was the result of ingesting tainted soy milk in his latte, or something. In case you're too lazy to click the link, Peter thinks the Iggles are asking too much for Lito Sheppard and that Lito will still be an Eagle when the weekend ends.

     Now, Lito is a fine fellow, but if you're a reporter scrambling to cover this endless saga, you can't be in favor of this. If it meant bygones were bygones and the Eagles were going to adjust Lito's contract and commit to keeping him, sure, I could get behind that. But I'm pretty sure that isn't happening, that the Eagles would only be holding onto Lito until they got an offer they liked, next week, next month, or perhaps even later, after I give in to despair and fling myself into the Delaware from the top of the Walt Whitman Bridge.

     Have pity, Eagles front office. I chased Lito rumors long into the night and woke up this morning feeling older than the Pistons. No trade? Just kill me now.