Chip: Still time for Chung, offense stopping self

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

UPDATE: Partrick Chung said he only practiced "mentally" Thursday.

Chip Kelly said safety Patrick Chung won't be a full participant in today's practice, increasing the possibility that rookie Earl Wolff will get his first career start Sunday in Denver. Kelly noted that there is still time for Chung's shoulder injury to improve to the point where he can play.

Kelly said he has no set protocol for how much an injured player has to practice in order to be ready to play. Generally, under former coach Andy Reid, a player who couldn't practice Friday couldn't play.

"It's all done on an individual basis -- what's the injury, where they are, how much of the gameplan can they digest, and all that," Kelly said.

Kelly said Wolff "is growing ... there's still a lot of work to be done, but we're happy with the direction he's headed."

Other highlights from Kelly's final session with reporters before flying to Denver:

*The lack of offensive snaps for subs such as wideout Damaris Johnson has to do with several factors, Kelly said, but mainly boils down to "are you going to take somebody out? I think DeSean (Jackson)'s playing at a really high level right now, Jason Avant had a very good game for us the other night, Riley (Cooper)'s done an unbelievable job, especially blocking on the perimeter, great read zone target for us."

*Questioned closely about Cooper, who didn't seem to get much separation against the Chiefs, and who has 6 catches on 16 targets, Kelly said the Eagles have Cooper with just one drop. He disputed the assertion that Cooper isn't getting separation.

*Overall, Kelly said: "I don't see many problems with our offense, other than turning the ball over."

*Kelly seemed to acknowledge that Jason Peters' dislocated finger, suffered in the opener, limits his ability to control rushers with his hands, which is one of Peters' strengths. "Are we gonna bench him? No," Kelly said, smiling.

*Kelly agreed with a questioner that the Eagles' running game has been able to make good use of opponents preferring to use nickel defenses against their passing game.