Chip says return job is 'fluctuating situation'

Eagles receiver/returner Brad Smith. (AP Photo/Bill Wippert)

Chip Kelly said Wednesday that his kick return setup is a "fluctuating situation," as the team tries to determine how quickly new return man and wide receiver Brad Smith can fit into the Eagles' schemes.

"We're going to get a chance today to see Brad, how he fits in as a returner," Kelly said. "We also can use Bryce (Brown) back there, (in addition to Brandon Boykin). It's a fluctuating situation."

Smith was a quarterback at Missouri and has played the position intermittently with the Jets and Bills, but Kelly said he won't assume the emergency QB role for the Eagles, who have designated tight end James Casey for that job.

"I don't think we can put all that on his plate," Kelly said. "He's got to come in here for four core special teams and what we're doing offensively, and to now tell him he's got to learn multiple positions on offense -- we're starting him out at receiver, and then hopefully, as the season goes along, maybe that's the case. But if he had to play today, that wouldn't be the case."

Kelly acknowledged that Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III is playing much better than he was when the Eagles met the Redskins in the season opener, Griffin with more time to sharpen his skills coming off ACL surgery.

"They're moving the ball really well. They're kind of back to where they were last year, so it's a big challenge for us," Kelly said. "He's running around a lot more, he's throwing the ball really well. We expect a little bit different look than we got in the first game."

Kelly was asked what he has seen from DeSean Jackson, who is on pace to surpass his career bests in catches, yards and touchdowns in the next few games. Jackson has 54 catches in 10 games for 903 yards and 7 TDs.

'I've seen the same thing since I got here ... he was here every day, 30 out of 32 days in the offseason. Works extremely hard at practice. He's a very, very intelligent football player. I don't think he gets enough credit for that. He picks things up 'like that' ... he's got a great football mind. Since I've been here, he's been an extremely hard worker ... has put in his time, whether it's in the weight room, whether it's in the classroom or whether it's on the practice field."