Chip says he isn't leaving, and other stuff

The way the media week is structured now, reporters talk to Chip Kelly on Monday, Wednesday and again on Thursday. Usually, not that much has changed in 24 hours Wednesday to Thursday. "New" topics for the third coaching news conference of the week are hard to come by.

So, this was the day when somebody finally bowed to the inevitable and asked Kelly about speculation that he might be willing to flee the NFL after one season for, say, the USC job that opened up last weekend when Lane Kiffin was abruptly fired. The speculation has been as hard to ignore as it is silly; Kelly's offense is ranked second in the NFL, the Eagles' problems pretty clearly have a lot more to do with talent (especially on defense) than with Kelly's "system not working" or any of the other specious suggestions like that, but there are a lot of people in the national media who only know the Eagles are 1-3, so Kelly must be thinking he made a huge mistake, etc.

"Nah. I'm the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm very excited to be here, and I'm not entertaining anyything like that," Kelly said.

The Chipper was in rare form Thursday. At one point he was asked about the fact that, with a Cowboys loss to Denver this weekend, the Eagles could emerge from their encounter with the Giants in first place in the NFC East.

"I was fired up," when someone informed him of this scenario, Kelly said. "I called the league office. I wanted to find out when we get the trophy, when the trophy presentation would be ... it DOESN'T MATTER if you're in first place in the first week in October. What matters is, are you in first place after Dec. 29. BUT, this week contributes to being in first place on Dec. 29. So let's not waste energy and time on the 'hey if this happens and this happens and this happens,' ... you can wish for things to happen or you can plan for things to happen. Our job as a team is to prepare for the New York Giants. Now, this game could have huge ramifications as you get down the road, where all of a sudden (the Eagles and) the Giants are tied, and then we've won a game against them. That's where it really becomes a big deal." 

Kelly said Brandon Boykin, as expected, will be a full practice participant today. Patrick Chung will again be limited.

At one point, Kelly, speaking in an outdoor tent set up for such sessions, was trying to talk over a gaggle of players chattering as they walked out to practice. Kelly asked, "Is that McCoy talking loud? LeSean! LeSean! We good? Can we continue?"

Then, after McCoy's quick apology, "All right, buddy. Love ya!"

Kelly said he thinks Dallas Reynolds, who signed with the Giants this week, is a good player, but he doesn't fear what Reynolds might tell Tom Coughlin about the Birds' system.