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Chip: Put energy into game, not parsing playoffs

Eagles coach Chip Kelly said there's no point in trying to figure out playoff scnenarios, use the time and energy on beating your opponent.

Chip: Put energy into game, not parsing playoffs

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. (Peter Morgan/AP)
Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. (Peter Morgan/AP)

Chip Kelly was asked Thursday if he looks into or thinks about tiebreakers and paths into the playoffs.

Short answer, no. Longer answer is below:

"It means absolutely nothing, and I've always felt the same way," Kelly said. "I look at college football -- everybody talks the BCS talk in October, and it doesn't mean anything; you lose and you're out. I talk about it all the time; we're going to keep our head down 'til December 29th (and the final game, at Dallas). I know I personally will, and we'll see how many games we've won. If that's enough games to qualify for the playoffs, then we did a good job. But wishing and hoping and looking at tiebreakers -- you should be watching film and breaking down your opponent."

Kelly was asked if he's thought about how many games the 5-5 Eagles might need to win to get there. This weekend's game against the Redskins could be pivotal, given the Birds' 2-2 record in the NFC East (Dallas is 3-0, with a win over the Birds).

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"For me to spend time looking at the number I think is going to be what number you need to win games, it means nothing," Kelly said. "Go out and prepare for that game you've got that week. That's what it should be about, and that's what it's always about. Because it doesn't matter what I think it is. The end of the year, I'm patting myself on the back -- I thought it was 10 and it was 10! You don't get anything for it, do you? If you do, I'll start looking at it."

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