Chip says Revis-DeSean isn't a track meet

Chip Kelly was ready for the question about DeSean Jackson and Darrelle Revis Wednesday.

Kelly asked that a reporter include the entire context of Jackson's remarks from Tuesday, in which the Eagles' top receiver praised Revis but said he thinks he's faster than the Bucs' shutdown corner.

"We're not having a track meet on Sunday," Kelly said. He called Revis vs. Jackson "a real interesting matchup to watch."

Kelly said Revis is "right up there in that discussion as one of the best ever in the game."

Kelly said quarterback Michael Vick remains "day to day" with a hamstring pull. He confirmed what Vick said about Tuesday's practice, that Vick did individual work, not 7-on-7 or full team. "We'll see how he feels as we get going in practice today," Kelly said. "We'll adjust accordingly."


UPDATE: Vick said after practice he did work 7-on-7. "It's loosening up," he said.


Kelly said he didn't really watch Nick Foles when he watched the tape of last season's Eagles-Tampa game. "I'm watching the Tampa Bay defense" he said.

Kelly was asked about the 2011-2012 offseason, in which he reportedly nearly agreed to coach the Bucs, who eventually hired Greg Schiano. Kelly said he didn't feel he wanted to leave his staff or players at Oregon at that time.

"It was more a decision to stay at Oregon at the time than it was a decsion to go anywhere in the NFL," Kelly said. "I think it was a good decision for me at that point in time."