Chip likes Romo's feel for the position

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. (Tim Sharp)

Quarterback Tony Romo certainly has his detractors, as was evidenced a week and a half ago, when his late interception undercut an extraordinary effort in the Dallas Cowboys' 51-48 loss to the visiting Denver Broncos.

As you might imagine, Chip Kelly is not among those detractors, as he and his players prepare to welcome Romo and the Cowboys.

"I think he's got a great feel for how to play quarterback," Kelly said. "He's got an innate ability in the pocket -- he's extremely accurate when he throws, but he also has an uncanny ability just to keep plays alive ... He looks similar to Tom Brady in that ... they're always moving, always just put themselves in the right position to make the throw at the right time. When you watch him play the position, it's impressive. I think he has the right feel, his eyes are always downfield and he's always looking and hunting out receivers and trying to make the big play, and he's really done a nice job of it.

"I think they're doing a lot more with him calling plays at the line of scrimmage, so he's putting them in the right situation at certain times. It's a tough package to defend."

Kelly said Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin "does a good job of mixing things up. They play a good deal of man and man free, we may see some Cover 2 in there, they play a lot of three-deep ... he gives you a lot of problems ... it's not just one thing."

Kelly said he expected left tackle Jason Peters (shoulder) to be limited in practice today. Peters and RB Chris Polk took the field without their helmets, signifying that the won't practice fully. Safety Patrick Chung came out unhelmeted, but went back in and got it. Polk and Chung also have shoulder problems.

There was no significant Michael Vick update; Kelly said he wants to see where Vick is physically today.