Chip: Foles took test, meeting with doctors

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles haven't added practice squad quarterback G.J. Kinne to their active roster yet, which tells you they have some hope that concussed QB Nick Foles can practice this week and play next Sunday at Oakland.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Monday that Foles has taken the ImPACT test and was meeting with doctors as Kelly spoke with reporters. Kelly said he was awaiting the results of the testing. You would meet with doctors after taking that test in order to get cleared to practice, but it could have just been a meeting to go over the results

Foles suffered a concussion at the end of the third quarter, eight days ago against Dallas. Rookie Matt Barkley was thrown into the breach, as he was again yesterday when Michael Vick reinjured his hamstring. If the Eagles have Foles and Barkley available for Oakland, they probably won't need to make a roster move with Kinne.

"I'm going to wait until I get all that information" before talking about who might take first-team reps in practice Tuesday, Kelly said. He said early game-planning won't be affected by not knowing which QB might play. Kelly said he did not have Vick's MRI results from today, but his sense from Vick was that Vick will not be available this week.

Asked if opponents have "figured out" the Eagles, Kelly said: "It's still about executing. You're not going to surprise people eight games into a season. We have to run the right depth on our routes, we have to catch the ball when it's thrown to us, we have to put the ball on people when people are open, we have to hit the hole when the hole is there, we have to create a hole when the hole's not there."