Chip Kelly: Could've managed Eagles' last drive better

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly listens to a question at a news conference on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013. (Matt Rourke/AP)

Chip Kelly said "that's on me," that the Eagles didn't call timeout to keep Michael Vick from missing a snap with two minutes and three seconds left in Sunday's game. Nick Foles threw incomplete into the end zone, setting up third down. The Eagles ended up kicking a field goal instead of taking the lead with a touchdown. "I didn't think we could" take a timeout and keep Vick in the game, after he was slammed to the turf by San Diego defensive end Jarius Wynn.

Kelly acknowledged he could have bled more time off the clock on that drive, leaving the Chargers with less to work with on what turned out to be their march to a game-winning field goal.

"When you look at it in hindsight, we didn't score (a touchdown), we kicked a field goal, so it was tied -- we wanted to try to score a touchdown and go up four, then make them have to drive the entire field ... obviously, if you look back at it, we probably should have run the clock down."

The Eagles hurried to throw an incomplete pass to Brent Celek, snapping the ball with 2:09 left, instead of waiting for the two-minute warning. That was the play Vick was thrown down on, so Alex Henery ended up kicking his 32-yard tying field goal with 1:55 left, more than enough time for Philip Rivers on a day when the Chargers owned the Eagles' secondary.

"I've made mistakes," in these first two games, Kelly said. "I think we've all made mistakes."

Of course, the larger problem is that the Eagles gave up 539 yards and are on a pace to surrender 40 touchdown passes this season, which would be a lot.

Kelly said corner Bradley Fletcher, who missed Sunday's game with a concussion, has been cleared and is practicing today. Rookie safety Earl Wolff played 49 snaps in his second NFL game, but Kelly said he does not think Wolff is ready to start ahead of increasingly hapless Nate Allen.

Kelly said Rivers checked out of a lot of plays in response to looks from the Eagles. He said he did not think defensive coordinator Billy Davis was using terminology that would have been familiar to Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt from their time together in Arizona. (But Davis's defensive tendencies certainly would have been familiar to Whisenhunt, obviously.)

This sort of problem is unlikely to come up again. It's not like the guy who coached most of these Eagles players last season is going to be coming to town Thursday, or anything. What's that? Oh. Yeah.