Chip: Starting QB will Emerge from Practice

PIctured at left is Eagles quarterback Michael Vick with backup Nick Foles. Philadelphia Eagles practice at NovaCare Complex on Thursday, November 1, 2012. ( ALEJANDRO A. ALVAREZ / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER )

New Eagles coach Chip Kelly introduced his staff Monday and discussed the surprising agreement with quarterback Michael Vick to rework Vick's deal into a one-year pact for about $10 million.

The upshot: Kelly seems to envision Vick being here in 2013, though when Kelly was asked about a trade, he said he wasn't ruling anything out. Kelly touted a competition between Vick and Nick Foles and said the 2013 starter will be determined on the practice field.

Kelly also acknowledged the obvious -- that the decision to bring back Vick was influenced by "what's out there on the quarterbacking landscape." After listening to Kelly, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and QBs coach Bill Lazor, it seems to fair to say that yet another coaching staff has been seduced by the allure of a quarterback who has more turnovers (33) than touchdown passes (30) the past two seasons as the Eagles' starter. But it also seems that Kelly and co, are at least aware there are reasons to be wary of Vick, they just figured they'd be better off with him here for a year than with whatever else they could get to compete with or supplant Foles.

Two conclusions: 1. Despite throwing more compliments to Foles Monday, it's clear Kelly and Co. don't see him as a franchise QB, or they wouldn't be placing any Vick-sized obstacles in his path. and 2. The Kelly-era franchise quarterback is likely to arrive in the 2014 NFL draft, which looks much more promising than this year's crop.

Kelly lauded Vick's toughness and competitiveness, neither of which have ever been in doubt. He didn't talk much about Vick's decision-making or injury history. He said he thought Vick got rid of the ball quickly, which would lead one to wonder if Kelly has ever seen No. 7 play, but he seemed to be addressing Vick's release, not the time it takes him to decide where to throw.

Kelly said that in three conversations with the new coach, most recently Monday morning when he came in to sign his reworked deal, Vick did not indicate he would not want to be here as a backup, That most definitelty was what Vick said at the end of the 2012 season, a little more than a month ago. But back then, Vick also was not of a mind to rework his contract, which would have paid him more than $15.5 million this season. It could be that agent Joel Segal was able to give Vick a more realistic view of that quarterbacking landscape in the interim. Or it could be that the competition is a formality, that both Vick and Kelly expect him to win the job, and that if he somehow doesn't, the Eagles will try to trade him.

Other highlights:

*Kelly said he knew when he sat down with defensive coordinator Billy Davis that he had found a kindred spirit and that he wanted Davis as his DC, but he also wanted to kick other tires. Kelly acknowledged the Eagles did ask for permission and were denied, after waiting to speak with one of the Suoer Bowl assistants. Kelly denied that target was 49ers secondary coach Ed Donatell or Ravens linebackers coach Ted Monachino.

*Shurmur and Kelly gave few offensive specifics. Shurmur said the read-option will be "in the packaqe," and that Kelly will call plays.

*Kelly called new offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland "a creative, cutting-edge offensive line coach with old-school toughness." Stoutland said Howard Mudd's jump-set is a good weapon to have in the arsenal, but not the way his o-line will set on every play.

*Davis said he doesn't know whether the Eagles will be a 3-4 base or a 4-3 base, he needs more time to review their personnel. He indicated some sort of hybrid was likely.

*Davis said he had no problem not being involved in the hiring of his position coaches. He said that isn't unusual in the NFL, and "I don't think I could have hired a staff this good."