Chaney upset with hit by Steelers' lineman

Jamar Chaney was upset by a cheap shot he received in Thursday's game against the Steelers. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Eagles linebacker Jamar Chaney is upset with Pittsburgh offensive lineman Ramon Foster for a "cheap shot" during Thursday's preseason game.

Foster appears to take down Chaney with a hit to the knee from behind on a running play away from the pile.

"Looking at the cheap shot #73 for the Steelers gave me Thursday night, I should be be getting ready to have season ending surgery," Chaney wrote on Twitter. "But...thank you Jesus, I know it wasn't nobody but You that help me to come out of that play unharmed."

Chaney also posted a link to a YouTube video of the play. Someone is off to the right of a large screen television and then cues the tape to the proper spot.

Foster has been deluged with Eagles fans who are upset at him and he has blocked many of them.

"They are pretty wild and bitter today huh for someone they dont even know," Foster wrote.

He said the hit was "not intentional" and offered to communicate directly with Chaney. That probably will not stop the ire of Eagles fans, though.

"Its all good Twitter fam. @RamonFoster reached out to me & I respect him for that," Chaney wrote later. "Most important thing is that I wasn't injuried."


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