Chad Johnson saga continues

Although Sports Illustrated's Peter King is no friend of Eagletarian, we know that interest remains high on the issue of the Eagles and a top-flight receiver.

King talked to Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, who is insisting that the Bengals' stance on Chad Johnson's contract demands will not change. Writes King:

And they're digging in with Chad Johnson, who says he wants out of Cincinnati after playing two seasons in a 2006 renegotiated contract with four years left (at $3 million, $4.5 million, $5 million, $6 million.

"We've made it clear what the stance is,'' Lewis said. "It's not going to change, today or in August, whenever. You cannot allow a player to get up on his high chair with four years left on his contract and demand to get out. If you do that, you set a terrible example for the rest of your team, and we won't do that.'' 

 We will see how that goes in Cincinnati, but even if the Bengals move Lewis that does not mean he is coming to Philly.


Also, in scanning around the Web, we noticed a report in Dallas that says the Cowboys will be the team featured this summer on HBO's Hard Knocks series. Just what Philly fans want to see: more TV time for TO, Romo and Jerry Jones.