Castillo: Linebacker shuffle could be just for this week

The Eagles' Casey Matthews will move to weakside linebacker for this Sunday's Giants game. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo said he wants to see how the team's new linebacker scheme works before he commits to it beyond this week.

Jamar Chaney has moved to the middle, with Casey Matthews on the weakside and Moise Fokou on the strong side.

Chaney had one of his best games last season in the middle against the Giants and it sounds like Castillo wants Chaney at the MIKE because of the Giants' run game.

He said the linebackers are interchangeable and he wants to hit different gaps with the current alignment. This is a "gameplan type deal," he said.

"I'm down for whatever Juan and coach Reid want to do," Chaney said. "My job is to go out there and play."

Fokou noted that in Castillo's defense, SAM and WIL are really interchangeable. "As soon as the tight end picks up, somebody goes in motion, I become the WIL instead of the SAM."

Matthews, the fourth-round rookie, was not available for comment.

Echoing the head coach, Castillo urged the fans to point the finger at him before they point it at Matthews for the way things have gone. He said the move is not an indictment of Matthews, but simply moving the pieces around.

He did concede that not having to make the calls on defense could make things easier for Matthews. Chaney now will make the calls.

The Eagles are 30th in the league against the run after two games.


On the special teams front, Bobby April said Dion Lewis will continue to return kicks. He described him as strong and tough and said he is just "gonna keep getting better and better."

He said the Eagles are going to have to "clean up our hands" to avoid penalties on returns, such as the one on Colt Anderson that wiped out a long Lewis return against the Falcons.

He also was asked to look back on DeSean Jackson's game-winning punt return last year. He said Jackson showed "Deion Sanders type explosion." He said he did not see the end of the return, instead he was scanning the field for penalty flags.


Meanwhile, according to reports in New York, Osi Umenyiora worked on a side field with a trainer while the Giants practiced. Also, there was not sign of wide receiver Mario Manningham, who suffered a concussion against the Rams.


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