Cardinals say 'no offers' for Boldin

Doesn't anybody want Anquan Boldin?

Arizona Cardinals general manager Rod Graves contended Tuesday that the team has "no offers" for the wide receiver.

"Quite a few teams have called but we have no offers," Graves told the Arizona Republic.

He added, "Anything can evolve from this point through draft day."

Of course, the Cardinals also might be saying they have received no acceptable offers for Boldin, not no offers at all.

As we reach Wednesday, it seems likely that any deal that would happen now would happen on draft day. That the Eagles made a blockbuster deal for Jason Peters late last week is more the exception than the rule.

The Cardinals announced last week that they would be listening to offers for Boldin as his contract impasse continued, but they also said that did not mean they wanted to trade him.

"I don't know if that's any indication of the way the rest of the league sees Anquan," Graves said of the lack of offers. "I just think that there is time between now and draft day. Many teams have been finishing up the draft boards."

According to the Republic, the Cardinals have denied that they are looking for at least a first- and third-round pick for Boldin.

In other wide receiver news, Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis said Chad Ochocinco is not going anywhere.

"I don't know why people continue with the speculation of moving Chad," Lewis told the team Web site. "Many times we've reiterated, I don't know if we're keeping count on this, Chad's not getting moved.

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