Bunk A No-Show In Cleveland

Brodrick Bunkley seems to have gotten lost on the way to Cleveland. The Eagles traded the defensive tackle to the Browns on Saturday for a fifth-round pick, shortly after signing Cullen Jenkins. But Bunkley hasn’t yet reported to the Browns.

Asked earlier this afternoon about Bunkley’s status, all Browns general manager Tom Heckert would say is, "You’ll have to talk to Philadelphia about that one.’’

Usually, trades are contingent on the players involved in the transaction reporting to their new club(s) and passing a physical. If Bunkley, who was the Eagles’ first-round pick in the 2006 draft, doesn’t report, he likely would still be the Eagles’ property and the Birds wouldn’t get that fifth-round pick.

Eagles president Joe Banner did not respond to several e-mails from the Daily News.