Brown Practicing; Andy Avuncular

   Wideout Reggie Brown probably will be listed as "questionable," Eagles coach Andy Reid said, but Brown (hamstring) is practicing, as the Birds begin preparation for Monday night's game at Dallas. Brown also practiced last Wednesday, but felt a pull in his injured hammy and hadn't taken the field since.

  (PM Update -- Brown said he was "very limited" in practice. The team listed him as a limited participant. That  doesn't sound too promising for Monday.)

    Reid was asked Thursday when he first grasped what a big deal the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry was. Reid said in his first year,eat me, Andy! 1999, early in Dallas week, he went to a McDonald's near the Vet (hard to believe!) for "a little breakfast burrito" (just the one, surely).

      "There was this 80-year-old lady in there, or somewhere thereabouts," Reid recalled. "She saw me come in, and she got after me. She said, 'Hey -- you better kick their ...' you know. She looked like your normal grandmother. I went, 'OK, this is the real deal.' "

       Reid also was asked to reflect on Texas Stadium, which will close after this season. In addition to all his trips with the Eagles, Reid took part in some historic '90s battles there as a Mike Holmgren assistant with the Packers.

   "We played there somewhere between 7 and 9 times straight, when I was at Green Bay," Reid said. "It got to the point where I knew the guy who fixed the chili dogs up in the box." (Again, gasps of disbelief filled the NovaCare Andy's favorite Texas Stadium memoryauditorium air.) "And he knew exactly what I liked on the chili dogs. So it was like home away from home ... a lot of great memories there. I've had a lot of bad memories there, but I've had some good memories. It has such a great history. It's like when the Vet went down -- I'm sure they look at it, that it's old and decrepit and so on and it's time for a new stadium. However, once that thing goes down, you reflect ... You hate to see those things go, but on the other hand, they're building a 100,000-seat stadium down there, and that's pretty exciting for them too, I'm sure."

     Later, in his weekly news conference, Donovan McNabb said he has adjusted his philosophy, now that he's 31 and playing on a rebuilt ACL -- he said he is more willing to let fly and depend on a receiver to make a play on the ball, as he did early in the Rams game on the big DeSean Jackson catch, rather than trying to hold the ball and wait for more separation. More about that in Friday's Daily News.


The good old days

Oh, and some T.O. guy did a conference call with the Philadelphia-area media. John Smallwood is writing about that.




        One more thing: Again yesterday, McNabb referenced  "that Hard-Knock Life show," in speaking of the chronicling of the Cowboys on HBO's "Hard Knocks." When McNabb called it "Hard-Knock Life" in his postgame news conference Sunday, we figured it was probably a slip of the tongue. Now we're thinking DMac is taking a sly poke.

    Here is the note from Monday's Daily News about this topic:

     Somebody asked Donovan McNabb what sort of atmosphere he expects next Monday at Dallas. McNabb replied that he had been watching that “Hard Knock Life” show. We’re going to assume he meant HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” which has provided a behind-the-scenes look at the Cowboys’ preseason. “Hard Knock Life,” of course, is a song from “Annie.” The Cowboys prepare for Monday night's game
      But maybe Donovan is on to something here. Can’t you see Wade Phillips as Miss Hannigan? We’ll cast T.O. as Annie, because of his sunny disposition. Tank Johnson and Adam (formerly Pac Man) Jones as other orphans. Jerry Jones as Daddy Warbucks.
    Everybody, now: “It's the hard-knock life for us, it's the hard-knock life for us. No one cares for you a smidge when you’re in an orphanage …” 



By the way, commenter RVB2321, below, makes a very good point RE "Hard Knock Life." But my idea is funnier.