Eagles' Reggie Brown Out

   The official list of inactives is not yet available, but ESPN is reporting that Reggie Brown will not play tonight with his sore left hamstring. Brown had been listed as questionable, and seemed close to being available at least for limited duty when the team practiced on Saturday.

Update: At 7:15 p.m. in the East, 6:15 in Dallas, Brown is on the field running pass patterns. But the Eagles are confirming that he is not playing, and they say the inactives will be the same as last week.

The Cowboys got three players back, as cornerback Terence Newman (groin), wide receiver Miles Austin (sprained knee) and linebacker Anthony Spencer (knee) are active.

    What else do we know that hasn't been chewed over a bunch of times already?

    Well, not much. Lovely day in the greater Dallas area, sunny and breezy, cooler than in Philly, for once. The Cowboys are passing out lovely commemorative plastic cups for Hispanic Heritage Month. I was going to offer mine to the one millionth Eagletarian viewer, but it seems we passed that milestone a while back, we're up to about 1.2 million views now, since April. And we are much obliged.

   There will be much more later.