Brian Westbrook minicamp interview


Satisfied with the offseason additions: Me being satisfied doesn't mean too much. The guys that we have, everybody's got to step up and play a little bit better. I think we have players here who can get the job done.

Do you want as many touches as last year?: I wouldn't mind it being the same. I think I've been very productive with the ball in my hands with that many touches. I think I can continue to do that.

What about your contract situation? Are you paid enough?: I'm paid. I signed a contract a little while ago. There's no sense in me crying about it now.

Lito's situation: It's tough watching him go through this type of thing. It's definitely awkward to watch that.

Andy Reid's quote about the gun being fully loaded and having enough firepower to compete for a championship: I would agree. Last year, we didn't play well early, which took away from the things we were able to do at the end. We added playmakers to a certain extent. The holdovers, everybody's got to come back and make some big plays and help this team win.

Importance of having a healthy McNabb: Everything goes through him. We have a lot of confidence in him. If we have him for 16 weeks, we'll be a team to be reckoned with.

Addition of Lorenzo Booker: I think he'll do a good job when he gets the opportunity. My job is to keep him off the field. That's what I'm gonna go into the season trying to do.

Reid saying he wanted to use both you and Booker in same backfield: We (he and Reid) talked briefly about using both of us in the passing game. If you put Reggie and Kevin and DeSean in at the wide receiving position and both of us in the backfield, it will be tough for any defense to match up with the speed we could put on the field.

On Eagles organization: This organization is a very good organization. They try to do things the right way. That doesn't necessarily mean that it ends up the right way all the time.