Breakdown of Eagles' draft picks

As regular readers of Eagletarian know, the Eagles have 12 selections in next month's NFL draft. That gives them plenty of flexibility to make some moves.

As general manager Tom Heckert noted earlier this week, "With those 12 picks, we feel we can do whatever we want. We can get up as high (in the first round) as we want, or sit there and wait for who’s there. But we have enough ammunition to just about anything we want.’’

The Eagles have the 21st and 28th picks in the first round. The remainder of the draft order was finalized this week with the awarding of compensatory picks for lost free agents. The Eagles were not given any of those picks this year, but will get some next year, given the free agency losses of Brian Dawkins, Tra Thomas and others.

So, here is the list of the 12 Eagles selections and where they came from (The Eagles are slotted at 21st, so they get the 21st pick in each round unless they have traded it away previously):

First round: 21 overall

First round: 28 (from Carolina)

Second round: 53

Third round: 85

Fourth round: 121

Fifth round: 141 (from Cleveland)

Fifth round: 153 (from Jets)

Fifth round: 157

Fifth round: 159 (from New England)

Sixth round: 194

Sixth round: 195 (from Minnesota)

Seventh round: 230


In other happening around the Web, Les Bowen did a two part interview with the folks over at You can check out Part 1 and then Part 2.

The folks at Scouts Inc. via ESPN did their segment with the Eagles on the clock yesterday. Here is what they have to say.

Most of the analysis focuses on the Eagles' need for a wide receiver. And that leads back to -- you guessed it -- Anquan Boldin. "The Eagles are a playmaker at wide receiver away from being a legit Super Bowl contender. They can't find a receiver who can have an impact like Boldin would have as a playmaker or in his ability to open up the field for the other receivers I mentioned with their pick at the bottom of the first round. With Donovan McNabb still playing at a high level and many of the pieces in place to make a run in 2009, the Eagles need to make a move for Boldin prior to the draft."