Birds and the bye; Shawn Andrews' tweets

The Eagles face Kansas City this Sunday and then have the bye week. Given the Eagles' injury situation the bye week could come at an opportune time to potentially provide a chance for Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook and Stacy Andrews, among others, to heal.

The Eagles point to Andy Reid's perfect 10-0 record in the game after the bye and how Reid's teams have traditionally played better post-bye. The Birds, under Reid, are a combined 34-34 from the start of the season to before the bye week and a combined 63-28-1 from the bye week through the end of the season.

Where the stumble often comes is the game leading up to the bye. Coming off an ugly loss to the Saints that was marred by turnovers and penalties, the likelihood of a letdown seems minimal, but history shows the Eagles are 4-6 in the game leading into the bye and 2-6 in the last eight.

1999, New England, W, 24-9
2000, at Cleveland, W, 35-24
2001, Arizona, L, 21-20
2002, at Jacksonville, L, 28-25
2003, New England, L, 31-10
2004, at Chicago, W, 19-9
2005, at Dallas, L, 33-10
2006, Jacksonville, L 13-6
2007, at NY Giants, L, 16-3
2008, at San Francisco, W, 40-26


Shawn Andrews' Twitter page has gotten some media attention following his being placed on injured reserve early last week. While much of the subject matter has to do with non-football related topics, but here are a few Tweets of interest:

Posted Monday morning: "It sucks being pretty much in the best shape of my life and not being able to go. Unfortunate but I just count my blessings"

Posted Sunday before the game: "Any good on my side I will take, but I'm over it all. My son was crying cause daddy couldn't play ball like normally"

"Talk about hurt my feelings... Daddy can't even get on the floor and play with him. Talk about frustrating... Grrrrrrrrrr"



While there was a radio report that Sheldon Brown had been fined for wearing the Jason mask on to the field in pregame introductions, the league has not yet issued fines for Sunday's games. Those won't come out until later in the week, a spokesman said. Players usually receive letters from the league office with fines Thursday. Of course, Brown might get away unscathed, but in a league in which the uniform code is strictly enforced to the utmost degree that seems unlikely.

Brown's explanation has been somewhat convoluted. Asked by 950 ESPN's Brian Seltzer about why he wore the mask, Brown said, "I don't want to talk about it. That's the way my career has been, and I'll let you figure it out."



"He can throw the ball and run the ball. There's really nothing you can say bad about Michael Vick. He's a guy that imposes conflict on any kind of defense you run at him. You gotta have someone watching him at all times because he's probably the most talented guy in the league." -- Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson.


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