Bounce-back factor

You might have heard that the Eagles are coming off a loss -- something Andy Reid's teams used to handle better than just about anybody.

If you throw out his first season in 1999 when he was rebuilding the team, the Eagles under Reid were 16-3 after a regular-season loss from 2000 to 2004.

But since then, the Eagles are 13-11, including the win over Pittsburgh in Week 3 this season that followed the Monday night loss to Dallas.

Maybe that is just another statistic that does not mean anything, but it makes you wonder. How many times have you heard Reid or his players talk about "putting this one behind us" after losses or "watching the film and getting things corrected for next week" or "moving on"? Easier said than done, of course, but resilience is a key trait in the NFL.

After the Dallas loss, Reid described his team as "tough-minded" numerous times. That gets another test this week against Washington.

Perhaps it is unfair to compare recent times to the team's great success as it ascended to four NFC Championship Games and the Super Bowl. The Eagles have a .500 record since the Super Bowl entering this season, good for the middle of the pack in the league, as has been documented here on Eagletarian and elsewhere.

Here is the year-by-year breakdown of Reid after losses:

1999: 3-8

2000: 4-1

2001: 5-0

2002: 3-0

2003: 3-1

2004: 1-1

2005: 4-5

2006: 3-3

2007: 5-3

2008: 1-0


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