Boldin and the Draft

Continuing yesterday's theme, here's a link to an interesting take on Anquan Boldin. It's from former NFL safety Matt Bowen (no relation to your Eagletarian). My thought is that I hope it isn't really just the Giants and the Eagles vying to trade for the dominant wideout, because the agent involved is Drew Rosenhaus, and I think he has a much better relationship with the Giants' front office than with the Eagles. I could be wrong about that, and obviously, it won't exactly be up to Rosenhaus, the prospective trade has to satisfy the Cardinals first, but the Next Question man seems to exert a lot of influence on where his clients go.

While we're commenting on others' work, draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay have updated their mock drafts. Here's what they envision right now for the Eagles:


21. Philadelphia Eagles (9-6-1)

Kiper pick: Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut -- Brown could end up being one of the more productive rookie backs in 2009 because of his all-around skills and tremendous character.
McShay pick: Knowshon Moreno -- Chris Wells would be a better complement to Brian Westbrook in the short term, but Moreno's versatility makes him a better fit to ultimately succeed Westbrook in the Eagles' pass-happy system. In the meantime, Moreno is fully capable of taking some of the load off Westbrook's shoulders.

28. Philadelphia Eagles (from 12-4 CAR) (9-6-1)

Kiper pick: Michael Oher -- Oher is one of the more intriguing prospects in the draft. He is loaded with talent and can dominate the defense he's working against, but he also seems to have lapses in concentration when he struggles to keep his opponents at bay.
McShay pick: Eben Britton, OT, Arizona -- Britton has surprisingly quick feet for his size (6-foot-6, 309 pounds) and ultimately could develop into a better option than Winston Justice at the left tackle position vacated by Tre Thomas, who signed with the Jaguars.



Note that they both have the Birds going running back first, o-tackle second with the two first-round picks. I doubt that's what the front office is thinking, though I think either version would be a pretty good haul. I particularly like Brown and Moreno. I'm not so sure about Oher and Britton -- I'm not sure they're that good, and I'm not sure they'll be around, even at 21, given the premium the league puts on talent at that position these days. To get a real, Pro Bowl-level offensive tackle, the Eagles might have to trade way, way up, which probably means they won't be keeping both their first-rounders

Also, memo to McShay: You have a better chance of playing left tackle for the Eagles this season than Winston Justice does. If they don't trade for Jason Peters, they'll move either Shawn Andrews or Todd Herremans to LT.

Second memo to McShay: The Eagles are really, really unlikely to draft Chris "Beanie" Wells, given his lack of West Coast receiving skills.


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