Boldin Bulletins Getting Tiresome

I don't know if there's anything to these breathless updates ESPN keeps posting on the Anquan Boldin trade front.

I do know that Cards GM Rod Graves was quoted today as saying it looks as if Boldin will stay with the Cards, that he's fielded one offer, which he didn't consider "serious."

And I know that an Eagles source this evening denied knowing anything about the Boldin price dropping -- ESPN's original report.

I also know that I really, really hope something gets resolved, because I'm tired of chasing this around. If the Eagles are getting him, great. If not, let's find that out. Soon.

When the Eagles actually use their remaining draft picks this weekend, it'll all be over, as far as we're concerned, right? Right? Please?


Meanwhile, here's a link to the earlier draft chat with Paul Domowitch, which is much less tiresome.