Bobby Taylor planning comeback?

Former Eagles cornerback Bobby Taylor, who has not played in the NFL since 2004, is looking to make a comeback, according to Brad Briggs, of the National Football Post.

Taylor is telling current and former players that he plans to contact teams in the next week or two.

Taylor, 36, has been working out in Houston and is looking for a team in need of a third or fourth cornerback and would be willing to play safety, Biggs said.

Is this nuts? Well, yes.  Nobody is going to sign a skill position player who hasn't been on a football field in six years. Teams weren't interested in Bobby in 2005. What has changed for the better in five years? Maybe he's been watching tape of Asante Samuel and figures "Hey, if you can tackle like that and still be in the Pro Bowl ..."

Taylor was drafted by the Eagles in the second round in 1995 out of Notre Dame and was with the Birds until 2003. He spent the 2004 season with Seattle before being released.

More on Vick

USA Today is conducting a poll this morning about whether you believe Michael Vick's statement. In the early going, 48 pecent say "No, there is no way he is totally clean on this." Another 18 percent say, "No, his lips were moving."

On the positive side, 19 percent said, "Yes, we need to drop this now" an 16 percent said "Yes, but his actions were foolish."

Public opinion has to weigh on NFL comissioner Roger Goodell, as he figures out how to proceed with Vick. The quarterback does not need to be implicated or have charges filed against him in order for Goodell to act. The comissioner was clear with how small a margin for error Vick had to work with when he reinstated him last year. From all parties, it seems clear that Vick used poor judgement in going along with this open-to-the-public-for-a-fee, late night birthday bash.

The Daily News asked an NFL spokesman about whether the league could or would take action against Vick before Virginia Beach police finished their investigation. The spokesman said the league would have no comment beyond that it was still gathering the facts.

If Goodell suspends or bans Vick without clear evidence he was involved in the shooting, though, that will surely open a legal can of worms, not to mention raising the issue of whether Vick will have been dealt with fairly.