Birds Roster Shuffle: Ross Released

The Eagles have a little more roster massaging than usual to do this year, with a whopping 13 drafted rookies; the draftees don't count toward the roster limit until they sign, so the team was able to bring in way more players for OTAs than it will welcome at Lehigh July 26. Today, with three draftees left to sign, the team announced it has released rookie free agent corner Devin Ross, from Arizona. A team source said one more player will have to be released for the Birds to sign all the remaining draftees -- fifth-round wideout Riley Cooper, second-round corner Nate Allen, and first-round defensive end Brandon Graham.

Cooper ought to get done pretty quickly. Second- and first-round signings tend to be tougher, with more money involved and agents wanting to see what the players drafted near their clients are getting before they commit.

Last year, first-round pick Jeremy Maclin missed a week of training camp, more or less because his agent didn't want to do a deal until some comparable deals got done, regardless of what the Eagles offered.