Birds Frittering Lead

      Update: The defense has worn down, because the offense can't get out of its own way. Or you could say the offense is messed up because it goes half an hour between series. Whichever is the chicken and which is the egg doesn't really matter, the Eagles are blowing a game they led 14-0 at the end of the first quarter  They are being beaten in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Clinton Portis is the best running back on the field, and Jason Campbell the best quarterback. Jim Zorn very definitely seems to be the best coach on the field.

    If the Birds, down 23-17 after a confused third down play led to a field goal instead of a touchdown, don't come back to win, this will be a defining early season loss, leaving them 0-2 in the NFC East. 

    IWorst 2-minute drive ever? Well, the Eagles have bumbled through some memorable ones. But their attempt to seize back momentum late in the first half was a worthy addition to the chronicles.

    They get it on their 40, 1:56 left in the half, up 14-6. Right away, they get called for an illegal snap -- presumably, Jamaal Jackson stood up before propelling the ball back to Donovan McNabb. Second and 15 from the 35, McNabb's pass is blocked by DE Andre Carter. Third and 15 from the 35, the Eagles run this awkward-looking, no shot draw play on which Brian Westbrook is swarmed after it takes McNabb about half an hour to hand him the ball. They punt it back with 1:04 left, leaving the Redskins time to drive 50 yards in 53 seconds -- aided by the Eagles calling timeout on one early third and 3 in hopes of getting the ball back (why?). The Redskins close the half with a 50-yard Shaun Suisham field goal and a 14-9 deficit that should have been larger.

    It's to the same end zone where David Akers missed from 50 earlier in the game. Obviously, the wind currents at high altitudes must have shifted, or some such nonsense.

   Not many teams can leave the field with a halftime lead, and have fans shaking their heads.

   Tight end Chris Cooley, like most tight ends the Birds face, is having a strong day, six first-half catches for 65 yards. The Redskins have only thrown for 107. But McNabb has only thrown for 110 -- the Redskins kept the ball most of the second quarter.