Finally, Birds Get Bell

UPDATING: The Eagles confirmed late Tuesday night that the Saints told them they would not match the Eagles' offer for restricted free agent running back Mike Bell, who officially becomes an Eagle.

The news ends a protracted drama that earlier Tuesday threatened to drag well into Wednesday. Bell gives the Birds a power-back complement to LeSean McCoy, the kind of runner they haven't had since Duce Staley. (No, we're not counting Tony Hunt. Sorry, Nittany fans.)

EARLIER: Sometimes it isn't even over when it's over, Yogi Berra notwithstanding.

The Eagles, after talking to NFL officials, have learned that even if the New Orleans Saints don't say tonight whether they've matched the Eagles' restricted free agent tender to Mike Bell, the Saints still will be observing the midnight deadline, if, say, a FedExed document declaring that they have matched, sent today, arrives at the league offices tomorrow morning.This guy has the Saints' tender matching documents, but they're a bit soggy.

The deadline for the Saints to match is 11:59 p.m. But apparently, they only have to declare their intentions to a shipping company by that time, not to the parties involved. New Orleans officials have not indicated whether they will match or not, after tendering the running back at the lowest possible level.

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