Bell: Super Bowl is 'definitely achievable'

Mike Bell told The Sporting News that the Eagles run "an ideal offense" for him. (Alejandro A. Alvarez/Staff file photo)

New Eagles running back Mike Bell says he envisions a larger role with the Eagles than he had with the New Orleans Saints, expresses surprise that the Birds were interested in him and termed the Eagles' being a Super Bowl contender as "achievable" in an interview with The Sporting News.

Here are some excerpts:

SN: Did you anticipate leaving the Saints so quickly after winning a Super Bowl with them?

Mike Bell: Not in a million years. It's been a blessing in disguise. [Philadephia's] an ideal offense for me, the kind I've always wanted to play in. My whole career, everybody has had an idea of what I can do. I've been stereotyped as being a guy who can only run the ball in short yardage. That's not what type of back I was in college or even in my first year at Denver. Being here gives me an opportunity to catch some balls and open up my game. In New Orleans, having guys like Reggie and Pierre, they definitely didn't need me running any routes.

SN: Are you surprised Eagles coach Andy Reid showed interest in you?
MB: I didn't think the Eagles would be looking at a guy like me. I thought they wanted a guy more like Reggie Bush, a real shifty type guy. I take it as a compliment that they thought I can have a role.

SN: Some people expect the Eagles to take a step back this season. Do you still view them as Super Bowl contenders?
MB: It's definitely achievable. Winning a Super Bowl makes you realize that it's not about you. I always went into training camp worried about getting the starting job, and that kind of thinking makes you selfish. But in New Orleans, coach (Sean) Payton used everybody. It almost made me lose self or at least stopped me from thinking about myself. Just do what's best for the team. Being here, I can see they're already on that page.

SN: Are you concerned about the personnel changes, with the Eagles losing long-time fixtures like McNabb and Brian Westbrook?
MB: In the NFL, you have to look at change as a positive. We lost a lot of good players, but you have to move on, continue to try and get a better. That's not to take away from any of those players. But this is a business. Coaches want new things and new attitudes, and you have to respect the decisions they make, especially when they're in the playoffs year after year.


Came across this quote so we thought it would be of interest to Eagles fans:

"I've been impressed with Reggie Brown in how he carries himself like a pro," Bucs WRs coach Eric Yarber said. "We see it on film. He's open a lot. He brings a veteran savvy to our group with know-how."

Brown was traded in March to Tampa Bay for a 2011 sixth-round pick. Brown would have been moved much earlier but the salary cap hit involved prohibited the move.


Former Eagle Tom Brookshier will be honored today at the Devereux 23rd Annual Golf Classic at the Philadelphia Cricket Club in Flourtown. The event raises funds that provide to children and adults with special needs life-enhancing programs, which are not paid for through government and reimbursement funding, such as Special Olympics, animal-assisted therapy, recreational activities and rewards programs. Devereux is one of the nation's larget healthcare provider for those with developmental/intellectual disabilities, behavioral disorders and mental illness.

Brookshier was a 12 year member of the organization’s Pennsylvania Advisory Board and Golf Committee.

Former Eagles coach Dick Vermeil and tight end John Spagnola will join Barbara Brookshier in helping to present the inaugural “Thomas J. Brookshier Heart of a Champion Award,” which will recognize a child and adult at Devereux for their extraordinary participation in recreational, art, music, cultural and vocational programs.