Banner on profits vs. victories

Eagles president Joe Banner spoke at Temple University last week during the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management’s ongoing Executive in Residence program.

Banner met with 250 students, talking about his unsual path to a high-profile position in the NFL, the labor negotiations, his managerial style and more.

Perhaps the most interesting question came from a student who asked about the balance of profit margins vs. victories. Banner did not hesitate: the Lombardi Trophy is the ultimate goal above all else.

“That isn’t even a decision that takes half a second,” he said.

Banner said the commitment to build the Linc helped establish an organizational culture built on the singular goal of a championship combined with principled and passionate leadership.

Banner also recounted how he was in Hawaii interviewing for a teaching position when longtime friend Jeffrey Lurie called him about making a bid on an NFL team.

Lurie had bid unsuccesfully on the New England Patriots. He bought the Eagles in 1994.


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