Back from the Dead

  So, the 2-5 Seahawks start the game without their two best defensive players and their quarterback, and what happens?

 They set a franchise record with a 90-yard touchdown pass on their first offensive snap, of course, and the Eagles spend their first three possessions looking like they have no plan and no direction. Finally, on their fourth possession, they mount a drive, only to have cold-as-ice QB Donovan McNabb force a late throw into coverage and get picked off in the Seahawks' end zone.

   The good news is that since that awful first play, the defense has been excellent. And McNabb just thawed out well enough to lead an 80-yard, six-plays-plus-two-penalties drive that tied the score, on a 22-yard pass to Reggie Brown.

 There really would be no excuse for losing this game to this team.

BTW, McNabb is not wearing the visor he warmed up with, though when he started 3 for 13, you had to think it might have helped.

  Update: The Eagles just took the lead on a 55-yard drive, 11 plays, culminating in a 1-yard McNabb rollout pass to Todd Herremans, cleverly disguised as an extra tight end. Managing editor Pat McLoone notes that this is the first touchdown ever scored by a Daily News sexy single. It also was the first TD scored by an Eagle listed as an offensive lineman since Bob Gomya did it back on Oct. 7, 1934 vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  McNabb, streakier that Ryan Howard, is 10 for his last 10 for 109 yards and 2 TDs.

   Brent Celek, playing for concussed LJ Smith, has three catches for 73 yards. Brown's only catch in the first half was the TD grab. Seneca Wallace has thrown for 149 yards -- 90 of them on that first play. He blew the Seahawks' final drive when he elected to spike the ball on third down in his own territory with 13 seconds left, forcing a punt, since the Eagles could have kicked a field goal had Seattle gone for it on fourth down and not converted. Seattle coach Mike Holmgren did not look pleased.  

 Updating again: Three David Akers field goals -- including a 40-yarder that somehow was announced as a 39-yarder, which isn't going to make the kicker happy - have now made it 23-7 Eagles and the Seahawks seem helpless offensively, now that the 90-yard passes have been shut down.

   Brent Celek has six catches for 131 yards, which is an Eagles receiving yardage record for a tight end, breaking Keith Jackson's old mark of 126, set back on Sept. 17, 1989.