(Fake) Asante predicts Super Bowl victory

UPDATED: The Daily News got duped. Below you will find a blog post that contains a Super Bowl prediction by Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel and information about Eagles defensive end Trent Cole posted on Twitter pages that were presented as if they were written by the players. An Eagles spokesman said Monday that neither player has a Twitter account. “We spoke to both players,” spokesman Derek Boyko said. “They were misrepresented. It was not their posts. They don’t belong to those Web sites.” The Daily News apologizes to Samuel, Cole, the Eagles and our readers.


Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel and defensive end Trent Cole have joined the Twitter revolution in the last week and Asante, in particular, seems to be enjoying the interaction, especially for a guy who rarely talks to the media other than after games. (This is a post about athletes and Twitter and we won't even go on about Drew Rosenhaus.)

Samuel has jumped right in,with his prediction for the Eagles: "this is about to be a superbowl winning season fareal."

"Defence wins championships," declare several other posts

In other predictions, Samuel says Jeremy Maclin will be one of the top five rookies in the league.

He also talks about his training runs to stay in shape, promotes buying Eagles tickets and talks about his struggles playing the Madden video game.

"I'm losin madden at the moment, maybe its those superbowl rings weighing my hand down.......dunno."

Samuel also writes of a trip to San Francisco, his watching of the Sopranos DVD (Season 5, by the way) and his pursuit of an Italian restaurant in San Fran.

We particularly like this one: "just saw some guys playin football down from my hotel. I ran up and just intercepted a pass then ran away...they didn't find it too funny"

Can you imagine playing street football with your buddies and all of a sudden an Pro Bowl cornerback jumps in the game and zips the other way with your errant pass?

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Cole introduces his page with this: "Whats up ladies and gents, Trent Cole here, the 6foot3 DT of the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES. Cole Train conductin that Sack Express and it is right on time."

He also takes a shot at Samuel in response to a message from him: "Im finna get more picks than you haha just playin cuz"

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