Bell, Samuel Gimpy; Arrington eager for comeback

Eagles defensive back Asante Samuel was carted off the field with an injury during practice. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Mike Bell was walking briskly without a limp, his left leg in a pressure stocking, as he headed for his red Chrysler 300 after Sunday's afternoon practice, in which Bell fell to the ground clutching his left hamstring.

"I'm all right," said Bell, who did not want to stop to discuss the injury with reporters.

The team announced he and corner Asante Samuel -- who was even more dismissive of his injury -- suffered hamstring problems, presumably strains.

Eagles president Joe Banner said he was relieved the team got through the first weekend of live hitting without catastrophic injury, though the electric cart shuttling players to the locker room did rack up some miles.

Reminded that Bell seemed quite upset when he went to the ground, Banner said he didn't think Bell's injury was terribly serious,but that the back's reaction was understandable.

"He was playing well and looking forward to a new start here," Banner said. 

 As he got into the cart, Bell had yelled "Bleep me."

Samuel also had his leg pressure-wrapped as he left the locker room. He was laughing. 

"I'm not a mad scientist ... I might be out there tomorrow," he said, when asked to assess the seriousness of his problem. .

A.Q. Shipley has an ankle injury.

Max-Jean Gilles left practice with dehydration and was replaced by Mike McGlynn.

Bell was signed in the offseason as a restricted free agent from the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. He is penciled in as the backup to starter LeSean McCoy.

Been a rough day for hamstring injuries and Broncos or former Broncos. At Denver's training camp, both Knowshon Moreno went down, apparently with a hamstring tear, and Correll Buckhalter was felled by an upper back injury. Bell is a former Bronco. 


Having passed his physical yesterday, new Eagles running back J.J. Arrington was on the field and in pads for the first time since the Super Bowl in 2008.

In the interim, Arrington underwent microfracture knee surgery and is on the comeback trail.

Arrington, who spent the first four seasons of his career with Arizona, was signed by the Broncos, let go and then re-signed this offseason.

“I knew that I was going to pass \[the physical\],” he said. “I’ve been practicing the last two months, or three months. They started working me in the OTAs in Denver and then I did minicamp and then I started training camp Wednesday with the rookies. So, I’ve been doing everything pretty much from there.”

Arrington said his agent had indicated that the Eagles were interested in him throughout the offseason.

“Whatever coach [Andy Reid] needs me to do, I’m willing to do whatever I need to do to help the team,” he said. “I’ve played on special teams my whole career, so I’m happy to do whatever I need to do, third down, whatever.”

Arrington said he first injured the knee against the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game, although he had been playing all season with a bone bruise in the knee. He said there was no contact and he never felt the meniscus tear.

“I played the whole first half and then I tore my meniscus two minutes before the halftime,” he said. “That’s when all the problems started happening and I found out I had cartilage damage when I had the MRI the next day. But I remember winning that game and all the confetti coming down and that’s it, then went to the Super Bowl.”

Arrington had his first meniscus surgery a week after the Super Bowl. He visited the Broncos and signed with them. Four months later, “I was rehabbing and everything and got ready to go they gave me another physical and then my knee didn’t heal like it was supposed to, so that’s when I got released.”

Arrington was asked how much football he watched while sitting out.

“The first two weeks I couldn’t watch football, but then I started watching it,” he said. “I knew I needed to watch it just knowing I was going to come back I would need to still know what was going on in the league and just watch my position and see what was going on. I was a fan and a student of the game last year, that’s pretty much it.”