Arizona coach on Kolb; Eagles call coaches meeting

The Eagles are expected to trade backup quarterback Kevin Kolb once the lockout is lifted. (Laurence Kesterson/Staff file photo)

Kevin Kolb referenced "connecting the dots" in an interview on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday.

With all the rampant trade speculation, those dots seemingly will lead him to Arizona, and potentially a trade that involves cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a draft pick.

My understanding is that the Eagles have a high regard for Rodgers-Cromartie, the 16th player taken in the 2008 draft, and that the Cards have a high regard for Kolb, who has been NFC offensive player of the week twice in seven career starts. I also understand the Eagles are ready to do the deal if they can get something else thrown in, most likely a draft pick. That’s the possible rub — reporters in Arizona tell me the Cards might be leery of tossing in anything else, given that Rodgers-Cromartie is a proven starter and Kolb is not.

If the Eagles make this trade, they can cross their biggest free-agency need off their list, and that’s significant. Solving the corner question would give them plenty of money to get better on the defensive line, at safety, maybe even at running back or linebacker. (Some money could go to bringing back Stewart Bradley and/or Jerome Harrison.)

While Kolb was willing to look ahead for the first time in the interview -- he even sounded exasperated when the question was brought up about whether he might end up staying with the Eagles -- obviously, the Arizona coaching staff is not -- and can't.

Nothing can happen until the lockout ends, and teams can't talk about players under contract to another team anyway.

“I don’t even know where that speculation started about trading or what we’re going to give up,” coach Ken Whisenhunt told the Arizona Republic. “We don’t even know if they (the Eagles) are willing to do that. That’s something that everybody speculates on.”

Whisenhunt lumped the possibility of Rodgers-Cromartie being traded with other rumors. One rumor said the Cardinals had a deal in place with free-agent QB Marc Bulger.

“And yet yesterday (Tuesday) there was a report that he (Bulger) didn’t even want to come here, to Arizona,” Whisenhunt said. “So which one is it? Is it, we’ve already worked a deal under the table or is it he does not want to come here?”


In other news, Eagles coach Andy Reid has called a coaches meeting for Saturday.

An earlier report from WIP's Howard Eskin said Reid had called a meeting of players and coaches, but an Eagles spokesman clarified the situation.

Of course, teams are not allowed to contact players until the lockout ends.

Obviously, if both sides vote tomorrow to ratify, it is possible the Eagles could have a meeting of players under contract as soon as the rules allow.