Another pro-Vick rally set; Vick's work ethic?

Another pro-Michael Vick rally has been scheduled for outside Lincoln Financial Field before tonight's Eagles game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

A group known as the African Daughters of Fine Lineage along with Generations Unlimited are holding an event to welcome Vick to Philadelphia.

“We’re going to welcome Mike Vick to Philadelphia and show that we support him and that we’re proud he’s now a Philadelphia Eagle," community activist Sacaree Rhodes told the Daily News' Stephanie Farr. "We’re denouncing the racist and vengeful behavior that I’ve seen some of these animal rights people use against him.

“Michael Vick has served his time and lost part of his freedom he’s now trying to move on and take care of his family. I think the animal rights have gone too far. Michael Vick didn’t start dogfighting.”

Rhodes said her group feels like the animals rights groups are trying to interfere with Vick's "well being to make a living.”

“We’re not going to allow it and we’re going to holler about the animal rights people trying him, being his judge jury and prosecutor over and over again," she said. "It has to stop.”


Texans quarterback Matt Schaub appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on the radio the other day and was asked about Michael Vick. Schaub, from West Chester, was Vick's backup with the Falcons.

Patrick asked about suggestions that Vick had a questionable work ethic.

"There were definitely signs of that," Schaub said. "He's such a phenomenal athlete. No matter what happened on the field, he could always overcome it with his athleticism. That was always his fall-back."

Schaub said he and Vick had a good relationship and described him as "such a great guy." He said he tried to encourage Vick to stay longer at the practice facility and spend more time in the video room. "You can only say so much to someone until a light clicks in their brain," Schaub said.

This subject is an interesting one, in part because Donovan McNabb was asked about embracing the role of being a mentor to Vick when Vick signed and this is what McNabb said:  “I’m looking to just show him kind of how I prepare, show him me getting there 6:30 in the morning, working out in the morning, getting your body ready to go, get ready for meetings and then staying after until 6, 6:30 to watch film. Then let him know exactly what I do at home or to just kind of get away from football and get my mind focused on the next day and spending time with family."

Vick has been putting extra time in with the Eagles after practice to get acclimated to the system and Andy Reid mentioned how Vick spent the players' day off earlier this week at NovaCare to get in an extra workout and some added preparation time.


While the Eagles have put great emphasis on this, the third preseason game, as most teams do, that is not the case for Jacksonville.

Playing their third preseason game in 11 days, the Jaguars’ regulars will see limited action, if any, tonight. The team’s three starting linebackers all will sit. Jacksonville plans to use next week’s game against Washington as the dress rehearsal for the opener.

“I don’t think it’s the same as it has been for us this year due to our schedule,” Jags coach Jack Del Rio told reporters. “It’s a tight turnaround for us. I think we need to share the workload. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Meanwhile, former Eagles offensive tackle Tra Thomas makes his return with the Jags. "I think it'll be a pretty warm reception. I mean, I didn't ask to leave," Thomas told the Daily News' Marcus Hayes. "I gave everything I had. I didn't leave on bad terms."


If you miss tonight's game, the NFL Network is airing a replay at 11 p.m. tonight and at 4 p.m. Friday.