Andy at 10

Despite the clamoring from the fans or the suggestions that he has too much responsbility for personnel, by the end of the season, no one will have coached the Eagles longer than Andy Reid. 

And the thing is, nobody can begin to predict right now when the end will come. Reid weathered all that speculation a year ago about his family situation forcing him out. He said recently that he can't envision doing anything else, and that he doesn't blame his job or the fishbowl his family lives in here for the drug convictions of his two older sons.

There is no indication that Reid is on any sort of hot seat with owner Jeffrey Lurie. BYU, his alma mater and, some felt, his dream job, came calling years ago and was sent away. Every indication is that Eagles Nation will be gritting its teeth through painfully uninformative news conferences, punctuated by random throat-clearings, for years to come.

"When you first start off, you're just trying to make it to the next year. 'How will I make it to 3 years in this league?' - the average of a head coach. You're planning for the future,'' Reid, 50, said recently. "Then you hit this point - I don't know if it's Year 7, wherever it is - where you're going, 'Man, I love every minute of this.' You're not even thinking about when you're going to end. At least, that's not where I'm at; at my age and years here, you appreciate every day even more now than you did back then. You're still working hard. That part hasn't changed. The work level hasn't changed.''

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