Andy: Drought's Over

  It was a startling moment, coming from a man who usually answers "we'll see," when asked if he, say, plans on starting 11 players on offense and defense in the upcoming game.

 Andy Reid was asked Monday whether the city's other sports franchises would derive a boost, if the Phillies close the deal and win the World Series.

"You know what? They're going to win. I'm going to take the 'if' out of that for you. They're going to win, and the city will love every minute of it, man," Reid said.

Asked about viewing the parade, Reid noted that his office windows face Broad Street.

 "I'm going to just open my curtains, and they'll go right past me right there, so I'll be there," he said.

Reid said he attended Game 4, after the Eagle' victory over the Falcons Sunday, and found the atmosphere "electric." He was not asked about comedian Joe Conklin's contention, delivered on WIP Monday morning under the guise of Mayor Michael Nutter, that Reid opted to show his support for the Phillies by going home Sunday night wearing the Citizens Bank Park infield tarp.

Reid might be the only Eagles official not gritting his teeth just a little, behind closed doors, anyway. Fact is, for much Joe Banner holds his personal copy of the collective bargaining agreement aloftof the decade, the Birds' brass thought this would be THEIR moment, that they would be the ones who found the route to the promised land and accepted the eternal gratitude of drought-parched fans.  Now, turns out they were Moses, not Moses Malone -- they got to the brink, but they won't be making the final step.

 More to the point, Eagles management's relationship with the Phillies became very contentious in the late '90s and early '00s, when the franchises were yoked together in the quest for new venues. They fought about nearly everything, some of it important, some of it incredibly petty. Even after both ballparks opened, the Eagles were ticked at what they saw as Phillies foot-dragging on converting the former site of the Vet into parking, which happened a year or two after the Eagles thought it could have.

So don't look for Joe Banner riding on the float alongside Dave Montgomery. Reid's office might be the only one at NovaCare on parade day that doesn't have its curtains pulled tight.