Andy thinks he'll find visiting sideline OK

Former Eagles coach Andy Reid, now with the Chiefs. (Don Wright/AP)

It was kind of strange knowing Andy Reid was on the other end of the speakerphone, and not hearing one word about injuries, or the importance of putting players in the correct position to make plays, and how it all starts with him.

Reid returns to Lincoln Financial Field Thursday night with his 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs. Will it seem strange, seeing the Linc as a visitor?

"We'll be all right," Reid assured a conference room full of reporters Tuesday. "We'll be able to find that sideline, I think."

Reid said all the things you'd expect him to say -- that he is focused on winning the game, not his return, that Chip Kelly is a fine coach, that the biggest difference between Kansas City and Philadelphia is "barbecue instead of cheesesteaks."

How will fans at the Linc greet Andy Reid?

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  • 376 (7.6%)
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But he also had some interesting answers. Here's a sampling:

*Asked about the weekend ESPN report that the Eagles nearly traded for Colin Kaepernick before the 2012 draft, in which they drafted Nick Foles, Reid said: "Those questions, you probably need to direct toward Howie (Roseman, the general manager). His memory is way better than mine. I'm getting old."

*Reid said the need to prepare on a short week against what he said is a talented, well-coached team is all that matters, not what emotions he feels or how he is received."The real part of this is just that," Reid said. "It's not very fluffy, but that's what's real. You've got X number of hours that you can do this thing and get ready to play a good team, and you'd better spend every minute doing it."

*Asked if playing against so many players he drafted and helped develop will help him prepare, Reid said: "I don't think it hurts you ... You still gotta go play."

*"I think Chip's done a phenomenal job," Reid said. "He's got a great offensive mind and scheme. This is no fluke, by any means, or anything else. He's taken his personnel, he's utilized it to the best of their abilities, and he's put out a nice product right there. That's what it is."