Andrews Returning to Eagles

Eagles offensive lineman Shawn Andrews could rejoin the Eagles Sunday at Lehigh. (Getty Images)

   Shawn Andrews, who has said he is absent from Eagles training camp because of clinical depression, has gotten the OK from his therapist in Little Rock, Ark., to join the team, a source close to the situation said Friday. The Eagles play in Pittsburgh Friday night and are off Saturday, so Andrews' first workout with his teammates could be Sunday at Lehigh.

    Andrews, 25, told the Daily News on Monday that he has been taking medication for depression and has started to feel better. He pegged his return to a Thursday visit with the doctor who has been treating him, and Friday, a source close to Andrews said that visit went well.

   Meanwhile, there is still no announcement of the Brian Westbrook contract reworking that is believed to be close to completion. Provisions in the collective bargaining agreement limiting what the Eagles can do for Westbrook have presented formidable hurdles. Reports Friday afternoon that the NFL refused to approve some of the language in the revamped deal --- presumably, language dealing with the attempts to surmount those hurdles -- could not be verified at the time of this posting.