Andrews expected to practice

     Earlier in the week, Shawn Andrews' teammates began indicating they expected him to join them on the field for Saturday afternoon's session at NovaCare, the first practice since Lehigh training camp broke up on Wednesday.

     Eagles coach Andy Reid pretty much confirmed that after Thursday's 24-13 preseason win over visiting Carolina. When Reid was asked if Andrews would practice Saturday, Reid said:  "There’s a good chance that he’ll be there.”

     Eagles' fans are probably thinking it isn't a moment too soon. Sub Max Jean-Gilles, the starter at Andrews' right guard spot since Andrews failed to show for camp July 24, because of what he has said has been diagnosed as clinical depression, really struggled against Carolina. Jean-Gilles badly whiffed on a block leading a screen -- something at which Andrews excels -- and he took three first-half penalties.

     In last week's preseason opener against Pittsburgh, Jean-Gilles played well. Reid indicated Jean-Gilles found Carolina's 4-3 a little different from the Steelers' 3-4 alignment.

      "Last week he was uncovered, and this week he was covered," Reid said. "He needs that work, and he’ll be better for it.”
     Andrews returned to the team last Sunday, and has been attending meetings and doing conditioning work, away from the eyes of the media.

   Also, veteran wideout Joe Horn, unhappy with his lot as an Atlanta reserve, has been quoted as saying he would prefer to play for the Cowboys or the Eagles. There is no hint of any activity there, and it is not at all clear that Horn, now 36 years old, would add anything important to the Birds' receiving corps.