Analyst: Tulloch should stay with Lions

Linebacker Stephen Tulloch could end up back in Detroit next season. (Rick Osentoski/AP)

The fans' desire for the Eagles to pursue a linebacker in free agency might not match what the team's plans are, but among the potential targets could be Stephen Tulloch, of the Detroit Lions.

Tulloch led the Lions in tackles last year with 111, playing under a 1-year, $3.25 million deal.

A raise and some security are givens once he hits the market, but NFL Network analyst Gil Brandt says that Tulloch should take less money to stay with the Lions.

Tulloch played for Lions head coach Jim Schwawrtz in Tennessee when Schwartz was the defensive coordinator there.

"I don't think there's any question that Stephen Tulloch is a guy (they want to keep)," Brandt told the Detroit News. "And you know what? It's advantageous to Tulloch, too, because Tulloch knows the system."

"So, to me, if I'm Tulloch, I take less money, because I really believe two things: No. 1, that I have a chance to be pretty good in this system, and I think the team has a chance to be pretty good. And so I would think about that three or four times before leaving and going some place and don't know what I'm getting into."