Eagles: No Concussion Symptoms for Nnamdi

Nnamdi Asomugha was carted off the field after colliding with Nate Allen. (Bill Adams/AP)

BETHLEHEM -- The Eagles said corner Nnamdi Asomugha was not suffering any concussion symptoms after sustaining a lip laceration and a sore neck in a collision Monday with safety Nate Allen.

Allen said Asomugha "busted his lip real good, but I don't think he did anything too serious" when they both went up for a pass intended for DeSean Jackson, and Asomugha's head hit Allen square in the chest.

"We were in Cover 2 and I broke on the ball and 'Nnam' was there and we just collided," said Allen. "one of those plays. It happens sometimes."

Asomugha lay pretty much motionless for several minutes before riding off in a cart, sitting with his head bowed and his hand supporting his forehead. Some people speculated that he was knocked out, but that wasn't immediately clear.

"I didn't even see him lying there until I got up and got myself together," Allen said. "He was talking ... It happened so fast, it was hard to tell what hit what."

Asomugha suffered a concussion last December at Seattle.

Brandon Hughes and Joselio Hanson took Asomugha's practice reps after he left. Once he could force some air back into his lungs, Allen returned to the fray.