About the offense

Andy Reid was not at all happy after last night's preseason loss to the Colts, calling the performance "embarassing." Defensive back Quintin Mikell said "that wasn't Eagles defense."

Things were not much better on the offensive side. Donovan McNabb's numbers were pretty good at 5 for 7 for 77 yards and a touchdown to DeSean Jackson, but he also fumbled the ball on a sack by Dwight Freeney. The Colts scored on the next play on a long touchdown to Reggie Wayne. 

McNabb tried to emphasize the positives, especially for an offense playing without four of its five starting offensive linemen and Brian Westbrook, but work needs to be done.

“We are taking a step ahead," McNabb said. "There were a lot of things we could take out of this. We weren’t able to start the way we wanted to start last week. This week, we did. We can take some things out of this. The positive thing about it is that once we get all our guys healthy we can get things really rolling.”

After the fumble, the Eagles went on a 6-play, 66-yard drive capped by the touchdown to Jackson.

"Not being able to capitalize is just not going to get the job done," McNabb said. "On our first drive we got some positive plays, but not enough first downs. When we were third and two, we weren’t able to capitalize. There are a lot of different things we have to learn from and watch, but there were a lot of positive things we could take out of it.”


Here was Jackson's view on the state of the Eagles' offense at the moment:

"The biggest thing is we’re getting our reps in and we’re getting used to playing in games again," he said. "We’re starting to kind of get that momentum going. Every preseason game we need to get a little better somehow, some way ...

“The biggest thing is we are going out there and executing every play possible. We have a lot of great players on our offense and the biggest thing is just getting out there and putting in the work right now so that once the season comes, we are able to keep it going. We are able to get better looks in the game as opposed to practice. That’s what we try to do out here is just get a good feel for it. It’s early on and we have a long season. We have to do the little things right.”