A scout's view of the Eagles' draft

   You have your opinion of the Eagles' draft, I have mine and Mel Kiper has his. What did other teams think of it? Well, here's how a respected scout for another NFC team saw the Eagles' draft:

Rd. 2/47: Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame

"That was a very good pick for them. His light came on this year. Last year (2006), I wouldn't have given you a plug nickel for the guy. He wasn't really an effort guy. He wasn't really a try-hard guy. This year, though, he unquestionably was the best player on their football team. He's strong at the point. He's got some quickness. He's tough, physical. He's got passion. At the Senior Bowl, he reinforced everything we saw on his college tape.''

Rd. 2/49: DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal

"He was off our board. We just didn't want to deal with the body of work -- the body makeup, the attitude. He's Ted Ginn. The only thing he can do is run `9' routes. He's a good punt returner. He's not Devin Hester, but he's a real good punt returner. He'll have an impact on 2 games for them, which is pretty good. As a receiver though, he's only 172 pounds. Marvin Harrison was about that when he came out. But this guy can't get any bigger. If he's 175 now, he'll max out at 178. That's it. Plus, he's got Ocho Cinko, Terrell Owens traits. He's a mouthy little guy. He's not a good route runner. He's not good away from the ball. When his number's called in the huddle, he's good. But he can't run routes and he's a little guy.''

Rd. 3/80: Bryan Smith, DE, McNeese St.

"He's raw. He's a project. The only thing he can do is rush the passer. It's a luxury pick that high. We had him in the fifth round. He looked good on tape. But he was rushing against 1-AA competition. When he gets up against real tackles, I don't know how he's going to do. Because they didn't play anybody. Some of those small schools, they'll occasionally go up against the Auburns and Alabamas and you can see them against good players. But (McNeese) never played anybody like that. Physically and skillwise, he has the ability. Now, whether he can do it against real tackles, I don't know. That's why we had him in the fifth round.''

Rd. 4/109: Mike McGlynn, OL, Pitt

"Not a bad pick there. We liked him right about there. He's tough and smart. Not overly athletic, which is why he belongs inside (at guard or center). What I like about him is he's got some nasty to him. He's a street fighter. I like that.''

Rd. 4/117: Quintin Demps, S, Texas-El Paso

"He's just a guy. He's got good straightline speed, but doesn't have football-playing speed. He played some corner. At this level, he's a third safety at best and a third corner at best, and will always be that. We had him in the late sixth (round).''

Rd. 4/131: Jack Ikegwuonu, CB, Wisconsin

"This was a great pick. He was on our board at the top of the second round. We some first-round grades on him. But when his brother didn't show up for the plea deal on that burglary charge the day before the draft and everything fell aprt, we backed off. If the plea agreement had gone through, somebody would've taken him earlier. Our doctors did a real close examination of his knee and feel it was a good repair. He'll be as good as new in '09 and they'll have themselves a starting-calibre corner.''

 Rd. 6/184: Mike Gibson, OL, Cal

"He's a tackle who has to play guard. We didn't like him because he's on the ground too much. He doesn't have real good body-balance. He's a tough kid. An average athlete. The only reason we buried him (on our board) was because he spent too much time on the ground.''

Rd. 6/200: Joe Mays, LB, North Dakota State

"This is a guy you may talk about in 2-3 years and say, `Wow, what a great pick.' He's got a lot of upside. He played 1-AA, which presents the same problem evaluating him as Smith. But because of where you're taking him, he's a much better value pick than Smith in the third. When you watch the tape, he just jumps out at you. He's very athletic. He didn't run a fast 40, but plays faster in pads.''

Rd. 6/203: Andy Studebaker, DE, Wheaton

"I really liked this kid. He's got a chance to be a better pass-rusher than the McNeese kid. Again, on the tape you're watching him play against inferior competition. But he dominated. He was a man among boys. Has good strength. He's wiry. Real good speed. Has a passion for the game. It's important to him. Very smart. We actually had him with a fifth-round grade.''

Rd. 7/230, King Dunlap, OT, Auburn

"We took him off the board. He's an underachiever. Not real passionate about the game. Not a real good worker. Great measurables. And has all the talent in the world. But he didn't play up to that talent level. Maybe he's a guy that the light comes on (late). Talentwise, he's as good as Duane Brown (the Virginia Tech offensive tackle who was taken by Houston with the 26th overall pick in the first round). Now, Brown didn't deserve to go that high, but this kid's got as much talent as Brown.