Future of Eagles' fullback, Kuechly update

Brent Celek led all NFL tight ends in yards in 2011. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

A few Eagles notes on a lovely Friday: 

* When the Eagles cut down to 53 players next summer, don’t be surprised if there isn’t a fullback on the roster.

Owen Schmitt was on the field for just 16.7 percent of the Eagles’ offensive snaps last season. Schmitt remains a free agent.

Late in the year, the Eagles lined up Brent Celek in the ``I’’ in front of LeSean McCoy a couple of times. And they frequently lined up Celek and their other tight end, Clay Harbor , in the backfield in three-wide receiver shotgun formations.

Andy Reid figures if it’s good enough for Bill Belichick, it’s good enough for him.

* According to Pro Football Focus, the Eagles’ Brent Celek led all NFL tight ends in yards after the catch in 2011. Celek averaged 8.0 yards after the catch, which was more than any tight end with at least 10 receptions.

The Bucs’ Preston Parker led all wide receivers in yards after the catch, averaging 7.9 on 40 receptions. The Falcons’ Julio Jones was second at 7.8. The YAC average for the Eagles’ wideouts: Jeremy Maclin (4.4), DeSean Jackson (4.3), Jason Avant (3.5) and Riley Cooper (3.4).

* Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly, who many mock drafts had the Eagles selecting in Round 1 until the trade for DeMeco Ryans, was clocked at 4.5 seconds in the 40 at Boston College Pro Day this week. Kuechly was pleased with the team, and his performance overall followed a strong showing at the scouting combine.

Kuechly has previously said he was well aware that many of the mock drafts had the Eagles interested. He also said he was told by a friend that the Birds had acquired Ryans.

Eagles scout Michael Bradway and linebackers coach Mike Caldwell conducted the linebacker and defensive end drills in lateral footwork and open-field running at BC. Their inclusion in Pro Day was decided before the Eagles acquired Ryans and Kuechly told reporters he did not think that was a sign of the Eagles' interest.

“(Caldwell) gave me a call maybe last week and said he was coming up and he took us through the workouts out there,” Kuechly said, according to the Boston Herald. “The stuff went smooth and I talked to him afterward just to say ‘What’s going on?’ ”